Many parents that bring their children into our lab for ERP studies don’t know what to expect. This video aims to ease that uncertainty and show how much fun the experience can be. This process can sometimes be difficult for children who don’t like having things placed on their head… especially weird looking, gooey things! We always do our best to make sure that every child that participates in our studies has fun and feels comfortable. We do this by playing and talking with each participant until they feel comfortable enough to let us put the “awesome space cap”on their head. A lot of kids love seeing how cool they look in their colorful hats, so take lots of pictures! Most participants get used to the feel of the cap within a few minutes and are ready to move onto the video segment of the study. Of course, as with any study, if you or your child wants to stop at any point we will end the experiment immediately. Most of our participants leave ERP studies happy and many say they want to come back for more!



This video features undergraduates Courtney Slabaugh and Isaiah Mojica demonstrating ERP cap set up with undergraduate Tim Hwang acting as the participant. Video created by Courtney Slabaugh.