Undergraduate Students

Amanda-Lab-PicAmanda B. Shelton

Amanda is a senior at UCSD. She is a Human Development Honors student with a minor in Psychology and will be graduating UCSD in June 2016. This is her fifth quarter in the DN Lab. When she isn’t busy being a full-time mom to her rambunctious three year old, she is busy studying as a full-time student and having fun conducting research at the UCSD Developmental Neuroscience Lab. She has many research interests she hopes to pursue in the future including but not limited to attachment, play therapy, animal assisted therapy, mirror neurons, empathy, temperament and its relation to positive and negative experiences, and emotion recognition. Her main project at the UCSD Developmental Neuroscience Lab is the Attachment Study!


Courtney Slabaugh

IMG_1120Courtney is a senior majoring in Human
Development. This is her third quarter in the lab. She is currently involved in our imitation study and the Autism portion of a new study on prosocial behavior. Before she transferred to UCSD Courtney was working with kids with Autism as a behavioral therapist while earning her American Sign Language Studies degree. Her research interests include Autism, social behavior, and ASL. When she’s not in the lab, Courtney likes paddle boarding and traveling. She spent this summer in Cape Town, South Africa!


Radu Puchiu

Radu is a senior honors student in the Human Development program. This is his third quarter in the lab. He is currently running our study on imagination in special populations and is starting on his honors project which will study visual memory in autism. His research interests include atypical development, memory and learning processes, and anoxia nervosa. In his free time Radu likes to rock climb and


Tim Hwang

Tim is a 4th year student at UCSD majoring in Psychology with a focus in Clinical Psychology. This Tim’s second quarter in the lab. He is currently involved in creating and running a study examining cultural differences in social imitation among infants. After he graduates he plans on getting a Masters in Education while doing Teach For America.



Isaiah Mojica

Isaiah is a senior majoring in Physiology and Neuroscience. This is his second quarter in the lab. He is currently running on our breastfeeding study and is working on a groundbreaking study on father-infant bonding and suckling. His research interests include father-infant relationships and bonding. In his free time Isaiah likes rock climbing and playing with his kittens.




Jessica WaltersIMG_2785

Jessica is a junior majoring in Human Development with a minor in Cognitive Science. This is her second quarter in the lab. She is currently involved in our imitation study and an up and coming study on prosocial behaviors. Jess’s research interests include learning and social behavior. When she’s not in the lab she loves to rock climb and read paperback books!



10941116_10205827828127811_855691754641979682_nAlexandria Long

Alex is a senior honors student in the Human Development program and is in her third quarter with the lab. She is currently involved it our imitation study and is working on her new honors study on baby signing and joint attention. Her research interests include baby signing and memory. In her free time, Alex enjoys playing field hockey, surfing, and playing with her two kittens… Meow!



IMG_0964Cinthia Landin

Cinthia is a senior working on her B.S. in Psychology with a concentration in clinical psyc. and a minor in Human Development. This is her second quarter in the lab. She is currently assisting with our studies on toddler social motivation and an up and coming autism study. She is interested in studying atypical development and has experience with early education at a preschool. When she completes school, Cinthia plans on becoming a child clinical psychologist.