Lab Alumni

Isa Hutching

Isa was a first year graduate student in the lab working on understanding social motivation in toddlers. Her research on the brain began as an undergraduate at Cornell University. After serving in the Peace Corps in Ecuador, she also studied public health at Emory University before coming to UC San Diego. Currently, she is a law student at UC Berkley.


Victoria Licht

Victoria was a research assistant in the DN Lab for 4 years.  She was the lead experimenter for the Real Event Segmentation study, but was also a part of several other studies through out the years.  Currently, she is in a Masters program in Germany.




 Katherine Stavropoulos

Katherine received her Ph.D in July of 2014. Her dissertation examined the role of social motivation in children with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder. She is currently an assistant professor at the University of California, Riverside.




Amy Pace

Amy received her Ph.D in August of 2013. She is currently a post-doctorate researcher at Temple University.





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Lisa Tully

Lisa received her PhD in UCSD’s experimental program after defending her dissertation on Social Cognition. She is interested in how adult behavior can shape the behavior of children by looking at the effects of praise on help seeking behavior. She is particularly interested in examining ways to build resiliency in young children.



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Rebecca Cunningham

Rebecca received her B.A. in psychology and minor in human development from UC San Diego in 2008. She was the manager for the lab for four years was responsible for memory and social referencing testing at 9, 18, and 32-36 months. She is currently attending graduate school in occupational therapy at USC.



Screen shot 2013-02-09 at 11.30.38 PMChelsea Hays

Chelsea was an undergraduate Honors student at UCSD who worked on the Lie Telling study. Her research interests are in neuropsychology, specifically pediatric traumatic brain injury.